An injury to the Achilles tendon that causes pain in the back of the leg

A condition in which the Achilles tendon degenerates and becomes inflamed

A complete gap between the upper and lower portions of the Achilles tendon

A broad term for conditions that destroy the workings of a normal joint, often leading to pain and stiffness

Tearing of the ligaments of the ankle, typically on the lateral (outside) part of the ankle

A partial or complete break in the ankle bone that can range from less serious injuries to severe, shattering-type breaks

Recurring pain on the outer side of the ankle often develops after an injury such as a sprained ankle.

Tearing and damage to the high ankle ligaments; much less common than a traditional ankle sprain

Degeneration of the fibers of the Achilles tendon directly at the tendon's insertion into the heel bone

Injuries to the talus (the bottom bone of the ankle joint) that involve both the bone and the overlying cartilage

Enlargement and thickening with swelling of the tendons that run on the outside of the ankle.

Painful inflammation of the joint below the ankle that allows the foot to move from side to side.

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