How Can I Keep My Feet and Ankles Healthy at Home?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it is more important than ever to take charge of your foot and ankle health. Follow these guidelines from foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons to prevent injuries and stay active during this challenging time.

Keep your feet in shape.

Stretching your feet, ankles, and legs regularly helps to relieve pressure and pain. Try exercises that you can do in your home like toe raises, calf stretches, or picking up a towel with your toes.

Maintain foot and ankle strength.

You don't have to go to the gym to stay fit. Walking, hiking, stretching, bodyweight lifting, and yoga can help keep your feet and ankles strong.

Pay attention to your shoes.

Whether you're taking a long walk or a quick trip to the grocery store, make sure to wear shoes that fit well and have good support and cushioning. If you're experiencing foot pain or problems, talk to your foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon to see if changing shoes may help.

If your foot or ankle surgery has been postponed, there are measures you can take at home to manage your pain and prevent further injury.

  • Limit pressure on your foot or ankle by using an offloading device such as a controlled ankle motion (CAM) boot, a cane, crutches, or a walker.

  • Manage foot or ankle pain with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), topical pain creams, and Tylenol.

Don't forget that most foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons are available for telemedicine appointments. If you have concerns about your foot or ankle health, contact a foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon in your area.


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